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December 2013
IET Innovates

Happy Holidays from the IET! Please enjoy the last issue of IET Innovates for 2013; we look forward to your continued support in 2014. Please feel free to contact us with feedback and/or topic suggestions for future issues. Enjoy!

Contactless payment cards: research highlights security concerns

Warnings about the use of contactless payment cards and Near Field Communication (NFC) capable devices are raised in a study published by the Institution of Engineering & Technology’s (IET) The Journal of Engineering. A team of researchers from the University of Surrey successfully received a contactless transmission from distances of 45-80cm using inconspicuous equipment, highlighting security concerns to personal data.

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Healthcare Technology Letters

Launching in 2014 with paper submissions now open, Healthcare Technology Letters is a new online-only express source of peer-reviewed content across the modern healthcare engineering and technology field. The scope is interdisciplinary, primarily focusing on the latest advances in engineering, and computer and information science for healthcare.

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IET eBooks


Author Interview - Paul Hannen
We asked authors of our esteemed IET eBooks a series of questions; ranging from their career, body of work and challenges – to their ideas on how to get kids interested in math and science. Read what Paul Hannen, author of Radar Principles for the Non-Specialist & Principles of Modern Radar: Basic principles, shared with us to get an exclusive glimpse into his wide ranging thoughts. Read interview ►
IET titles from Paul Hannen

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Inspec database

The world’s brightest minds and innovators rely on the broad scope and significant coverage of scientific data found in the Inspec database to move research forward. Use the information below to stay current on Inspec; you can also follow Inspec on Twitter.

Inspec Hot Topics
Please enjoy our hot topic articles, created by an IET Inspec subject expert, on current topics of general scientific interest.

Quantum computing
Conventional computers are becoming faster and faster and the chips that power them smaller and smaller. For decades Moore’s law has correctly forecast the increasing speed of conventional computers as well as the constant reduction in size on the chips that power them. Despite these constant improvements in computational power scientists are looking at quantum computing as a way to fundamentally change the way that computers work, making them millions of times more powerful than a normal PC.
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Articles from latest issue of E&T Magazine



Smartwatches engage in the battle for the wrist

Are smartwatches really smart enough to generate demand and make inroads into the accessorized timepiece and mobile devices markets? And what will they need to deliver to make them super smart?

A Swiss watch 12 things you probably didn't know about watches

A dozen timely tales from the development of watch technology down the centuries.

3D film technology helps stroke patients

Swedish researchers have used motion capture technology to analyse movements of stroke patients to help improve their rehabilitation.

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