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September 2013
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IET Innovates provides information & updates on IET publishing products & scientific/industry news. Please contact us with feedback and/or topic suggestions for future issues. Enjoy!


Healthcare Technology Letters

Healthcare Technology Letters is a new online-only express source of peer-reviewed content across the modern healthcare engineering and technology field. The scope is interdisciplinary, primarily focusing on the latest advances in engineering, and computer and information science for healthcare.
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Open Access at the IET

Authors of accepted papers in any of our journals now have the option to have their paper made open access on publication.

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IET eBooks


Author Interview - Simon Watts
We asked authors of our esteemed IET eBooks a series of questions; ranging from their career, body of work and challenges – to their ideas on how to get kids interested in math and science. Read what Simon Watts, author of Sea Clutter: Scattering, the K Distribution and Radar Performance, shared with us to get an exclusive glimpse into his wide ranging thoughts. Read interview ►
IET title from Simon Watts

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Inspec database

The world’s brightest minds and innovators rely on the broad scope and significant coverage of scientific data found in the Inspec database to move research forward. Use the information below to stay current on Inspec; you can also follow Inspec on Twitter.

Patent Searching with Inspec

The Inspec Database is the premier source for non-patent literature. It can be used for:

  • prior art, state-of-the-art and current awareness searches
  • sourcing documents for opposing or challenging the validity of patents
  • assessing who is working with whom for due diligence searches

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Inspec Hot Topics
Please enjoy our hot topic articles, created by an IET Inspec subject expert, on current topics of general scientific interest.

Deadly Earth
The Earth is a dangerous place to live – volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, tornados; they can all pose a significant threat to human life. Technology can help us to predict and cope with natural disasters.
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Articles from latest issue of E&T Magazine



Doctor Who turns to 21st century technology to restore historic series

A team of Doctor Who devotees has for decades been advancing digital restoration techniques while recovering vintage episodes from some often obscure sources.

News analysis: Calculating true cost of cyber-crime

While governments state that cyber security is now one of their top national challenges, the overall cost-impact cyber security is incurring – both in terms of necessary investment and damaging outcomes following an attack – is far from clear.

Bridging the divide: simple software combats isolation in the developing world

Charities frequently talk about building bridges with the developing world, and one NGO has been building bridges for them since 2001. But thanks to a new software tool designed by young engineers in the UK the time is in sight when they will no longer have to.

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